Saturday, July 25, 2009

The month of "lasts"

I had a few "lasts" this July.

"Been there, done that" (spoken in all humility)

All my years in the poly, never thought that I would, one day, be sitting in that room. But there I was... Wow... The recent column-rise exercise however, rendered me over-qualified for the post. So I had to move on or rather, move out (or is it move-up? Hehehe... poyos :P). To my successor, Zam, all the best. Enjoy the "bungalow" :).

"The customers" (ISO 9001: 2000)

With my first semester Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance students who were fun to be with. Aircraft Maintenance is one of the niche areas of my poly (promote sket :))besides Medical Electronics. These students are the creme de la creme among the polytechnic students.

The "tamer" sem. 2 students, but no less exciting

My last class for 2009 before taking a break. Will be back, Insyaallah in 2012. What can I say? I love the job :) (Tak boleh lari pun, kena ikat ngan JPPKK, Kui Kui Kui!)