Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yuki Wada

I was at Subang Parade for some therapy (retail! :D) on Merdeka Day with the daughter. While trying out our 'kasut raya' (which happenned to be water-resistant Nike sneakers in preparation for English weather :P), some upbeat orchestra music caught our attention.

"High School Musical 3! Mummy let's go and see!" Amani pestered.

Being a sucker for all-things orchestra, I quickly bought the shoes and we rushed to the lower ground floor to see the ensemble.

"Must be some school orchestra," I smiled as I reminisced about my 'zaman kegemilangan' with the Convent Mini Orchestra.

"Must be a chinese school - probably Lick Hung," I thought as I recalled the intense competition, aeons ago between my school's orchestra and our rivals: SRJK (C) Chan Wa & Pei Hwa, in the Negeri Sembilan Pesta Muzik (primary division).

A huge crowd had gathered at the concourse area. As I peered over people's heads and shoulders, the orchestra came into view...

Who would have thought that 'the orchestra' was actually a PYT on a high-tech Yamaha Electone! And the PYT was a talented Japanese lass by the name of Yuki Wada.

A quick google revealed that Yuki Wada has been performing Clavinova concerts for a while now. She had even performed in Auditorium DBKL last year. Now where was I all this while?!

Amani and I were so thrilled when she performed her next number - theme from Pirates of Caribbean - our fav! The crowd loved her performance and asked for an encore (they actually shouted Encore! Terasa macam kat classical concert pulak! Hehehe...). You can watch a similar performance of hers at this link. Enjoy!