Thursday, April 28, 2011

William & Kate

It's the royal event the whole UK  world has been waiting for, the wedding of the year century - William and Kate  Catherine. 

This week was the height of the "William & Kate" frenzy.  Even my boys know about them now (the daughter having caught the fever months ago :)). 

Amirul :  "Ma, today I learn about William and Kate during literacy."
Me      :  "Huh?"
Nurul   :  "Oh yeah, we talked about the royal wedding in French class."
Me      :  "Whoa!"
Nurul   :  "You know, for my English assignment I have to write about a public figure who has changed the world, but not a celebrity..."
Me      :  "Like William and Kate?? Hahaha!"
Amirul :  Yeah ma, my homework is to find information about William and Kate.  Anything.  From the internet, newspapers...
Me     :  ??! :)

The craze... it's like the World Cup!  Retailers have been selling souvenirs to commemorate the Royal wedding.  You name it, they got it!  From the exquisite limited-edition bone china to the favourite book bags, all either bear the beaming faces of William and Kate or their initials.  Not one to be left out, I bought a mug for my mum (a fan of mugs and Diana, Princess of Wales).

British TV will telescast the event live starting 6.00 a.m. Malaysians don't be surprise aahh :).  6.00 a.m. dah terang benderang kat sini.  Though many people have started to camp around Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, I'm sure I'll get the best view - from the comforts of my bed :).