Thursday, April 11, 2013

Of red curtains and red lights...

It's been a long day.
been writing my thesis...
- that never-ending 'story' of mine :P -
on this shabby chic dressing table of Francie @ my landlady :)
(now converted into a messy study table ... hehehe!)

Outside, it's already dark
could see and hear cars passing by...
That's the good thing of living in the city
you are never alone and time passes-by with a blink of an eye...

Time to close my red (pink?) curtains...

View from the window with the red curtains :P

As I was doing that, I remember a time
at this very hour
different place, different city
a  lady was doing the same thing as me

not to retire, rather, "on fire hire"...

Enough of this poetry, now the juicy story!!!

Red Light District Amsterdam...
Sorry, not much to see say, really.
I went, I saw and I reflected (research mode...kekeke!)
They were just like you and me!
Could've been even doing their PhDs!! :)
Some of the pretty girls really looked intelligent, seriously!

I didn't take any photos.  I couldn't.
No, no, no!  Not because tak sampai hati or anything like that.  It was just the ruling.  There was even a signboard prohibiting people from taking photos.  You wouldn't dare take photos unless you want your precious camera to be bashed on the streets or flung into the canal!

So, I just walked, looked at what's happening around me, then went back to the hotel, feeling satisfied for having "been there, done that"... Oit!  Me didn't do nothing, ok?!  :).

Really, the way some men described the place... like it's a MUST-VISIT place when you're in Amsterdam??  It's like a market, really, where the 'sellers' pedal their wares and the 'buyers', negotiate the price before buying.  Strictly business.  I'm sure it's pretty much the same in Lorong Hj Taib or Kowloon...
(Been there, but done nothing, ok?! Hahaha!)

To get an idea how the place looked like, go Google.  If you are really curious, go see for yourself.  Don't bring the kids!  The girls might be put off, but the cheeky boys... WILL BE BOYS, I suspect! :)

Anyway, I managed to take some photos... not of the sexy ladies but the beautiful scenery around the area.

The beautiful view of St. Nicholas Church, from the De Wallen
Red Light District.  

Red curtains synonymous with the Red Light District

The Oude Kerk (Old Church) near the Red Light District

As for my curtains, no wonder they were on SALE! Hahaha! :)