Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Lights

.... and the Christmas song this year goes like this :):

'Tis a season to be jolly
Fa la la laaaa la laa la laaa...  
'Though not at all white and snowy
Hu hu hu hu huuuu hu huu hu huuu...
No white Christmas
Only rain
Wet wet wet, wet wet wet, wet wet wet...
(But) Christmas lights do keep us happy
Tra la la la laaa la laa la laa :)

There might not be snow this time around, but the lights keep the Christmas spirit alive.  In this part of the world, kicking-off the festive season, shopping complexes had the turning on of Christmas lights.  What happened was, celebrities turned on the switch of decorative christmas lights that adorn the shopping malls, to mark the start of the festivities. Watch this video to get an idea :)

BTW, that gigantic christmas three in Cheshire Oaks was such a beauty.  During the day, the red baubles contrasted brilliantly with the rich green (synthetic??) ferns while at night, the golden baubles shone the brightest.

"Ala... kat Malaysia lama dah ada kat KLCC..." hubby pointed out :P

Yeah, I remembered that christmas tree.  It stretched from the lower ground level, up to the 4th floor of Suria KLCC! Simply awesome! :)   

Christmas tree at Broadmead, Bristol 2011

This year, Cabot Circus, Bristol had new christmas decorations in the form of giant bulbs.  Hmm... running out of ideas??  Or was the theme this year 'back to basics' due to the economic downturn?? :P

I quite like last years' decorations, although they were recycled from the previous year... Hehehe!

See that giant reindeer? :)

Under giant mistletoes baubles

Elsewhere, the decorations were > same old same old :)

The Arcade - this year

The Arcade - last year

December 2011

December 2010

Still... we enjoyed the sights and sounds :)

The Christmas Market near Cabot Circus

Nativity decorations

Wednesday, December 21, 2011