Friday, December 26, 2008

The Friendship Month

This year's December might as well be my unofficial "friendship" month. Although I wasn't able to attend two reunions (school and uni), I did get to meet friends whom I have not met for a long time.

Mek Ti who came for the SUPKOM (go figure :D) was our table tennis champ (our loss is their gain! Hu! Hu!) and my favourite tupperware dealer! He! He!

Nazeera, my UPM junior and later, UM course-mate. One of the nicest and humblest (me coining a new word yet again!) person I know despite having a popular soul-mate.

Nae, my dorm and school-mate. What can I say? Nae is Nae - youthful, cheerful, and fun to be with, (kembanglah tu... He! He!). With her is my dear colleague, Saras, a very experienced English language lecturer who is practically married to the profession :D.

K. Rose - who taught me the tricks of the trade at "Jersey City" (siapa tau, tau lah) and is a Jill-of-all-trades herself. Picture taken at her daughter's wedding reception.

There were misses: Sheha, who couldn't make it to Shah Alam, at the very last minute; and Din, the Pak Andam, who couldn't make it on time to K. Rose's house because he was, well, ... andaming at another wedding reception.

... and gains: new friends at Facebook who have been very helpful (you know who you are). I am truly indebted. God bless you.

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