Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What makes your garden?

What makes a garden? Not just the well-manicured lawn, the burst of (flowers) colours, the rustic garden chairs or the white picket fences. A garden would be lifeless without life itself - the birds, butterflies and bees. Some of my Coolpix catches...

This grasshopper was as big as my thumb. Fed on the shoots of my Rangoon Creeper.

Butterflies making out at their love nest - my cuphea bush! Can you make out their heads or tails? :)

An 'unidentified flying insect' resting on my vanilla leave.

A caterpillar feeding on the daun limau purut.

...obviously not a living thing. He! He! The garden trap for the subterranean insects which I could do without - termites.

Besides these catches, there were misses - squirrels, hummingbird (yes!), frogs, chameleons, dragonflies, preying mantises, and God-knows-how-many bugs. They were too fast to capture ... or was I too slow?

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