Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quantitative Analysis 1/2009 in Perlis

Greetings from PTSS Perlis! Have been here since the 15th of March to attend the first-ever, Quantitative Analysis Course for DPPCE scholars. I'm not alone, though. Sharing my fate are 47 other HLP (PhD) recipients from all over Malaysia. We will be stuck here for another 4 weeks.

The view of PTSS from Pauh Inn

How's the place? Well, not too bad, really. The polytechnic is a breezy, scenic and serene campus (maybe because the students are still on holiday). It reminds me of my own poly (reminds me of what we don't have lah! He! He).

How's the lodge? Well, I was pleasantly surprised. My room is equiped with TV, air-cond, mini-bar and most importantly, hot shower! The sheets are clean and crisp. Had two fluffy pillows. The lodge also offers laundry service which has been fast and satisfactory so far. My only grouse was the slow and limited access to internet. That's not a problem now - I've subscribed to Celcom 3G. As they say: ada duit semua boleh jadi. But of course, I'm RM XXX poorer now!

Food is simple - basically 3 to 4 lauks to go with the rice but the ulams are abundant! Move aside ulam raja. Introducing daun putat, pucuk kedondong, daun cemumar, daun this and daun that (more of this, later). The drinks seem to be recycled, though ... he! he! Hey, I'm not complaining. Just an observation ...

Prof Madya Dr. Yuserrie with the ladies

The first part of the course - intro to research - was interesting and no doubt useful for us dummies. The lecturers from USM, Prof. Madya Dr. Yuserrie, Dr. Azizah and Dr. Siti really knew their stuff. They shared with us their experience, and gave us many good advice - from writing our proposals to tackling fussy supervisors.

As for sight-seeing, I've been to the nearby towns such as Pekan Pauh, Changlun and Jitra. Talking about Jitra, wow, what a change! Sooner or later, I'm going to pay a visit to my alma mater, Jenan. Bukit Kayu Hitam, Padang Besar, Langkawi , and God-knows-where are also in my list. Tunggu ...

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