Friday, October 16, 2009

On getting used to the weather

I can still remember the remarks of people back home when we told them that we're moving to UK:

"Eee! Bestnya!!!"

At that time, with a lot of things that we had to do before we leave, I would smile wryly and say,

"Belum rasa best setakat ni..."

And now, as I lie in bed, bundled up in my 13.5 tog duvet, I just can't stop smiling because if those people were to ask me how I feel now, I would still say the same thing...

Being a true hot-blooded mammal from a tropical country, I have not really gotten used to the cold weather. I go to school dressed to a T (as in THICK) that some of my classmates would tease:

"My! You must have come from a warm country!"

"Enjoy the sun while you still can..." the locals added, cheerfully. By their standards, Bristol's weather has never been better.

Blue skies in Knowle ...
... & Bedminster
Actually, I must admit that the weather is not that bad. It is sunny almost everyday and it rains only occasionally. But the coldness ... cold wind, cold water, that really needs a lot of getting used to. The cold made me appreciate the sun more than before. Now, I would even sit at the steps of the front door just to bask in the sun!
Anyway, aside from the temperature, autumn is just perfect for the avid photographer. Pictures will be posted soon!

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Didie said...

Nice clear blue sky. Kat Kerteh nih tengah panaslah Koonch. Even lepas hujan, still bahang. My air-cond rosak pulak, tengah tunggu untuk diganti.. ntah bila ler..