Thursday, November 12, 2009

"I don't want to friend you..."

The other day, a facebook friend shared with us her thoughts and maybe feelings on being removed from being a facebook friend of a friend (talk about talking in circles...hehe). She wondered what she did to deserve that. So, there was a string of comments from her other friends, a lot, fiercely supportive (pooh-poohing the other party), others sympathizing, quite a few being reflective, and even one or two admitted to have done the same thing with reasons of their own.

My take, it has happened to me before but I don't lose sleep over it. There are a hundred and one reasons why a friend might do that and only he/she (and God) knows why. Maybe it is something you did (wrong) or say (something stupid), but you'll never know for sure unless you ask him/her. Even if you did, there's no guarantee that the person will tell you why. That's the way life is. Some people like you, some people hate you, some people don't like or hate you but just "dont want to friend you" (budak2 kat Convent primary suka guna ni...hehehe). So it's your call - whether to crack your head pondering over the matter or just get on with your life.

I know many people in Facebook who are willing to accept just anybody as friends with open arms but I also happenned to know an increasing number who are very selective of who they are willing to share their friendship with. Takpe lah... masing2 punya preference.

On another issue, who would have thought that Facebook which enabled us to track our long-lost friends of yesteryears, mend old ties and establish new ones, has it's hazards. It's really an interesting topic to research on (I'm thinking like a researcher now - Sally must be proud of me...hehehe). Any takers??? Too bad that my research interest is on technology...

Luckily, a friend is doing a research on social networking (Yes, Beb, I meant you :D). Am looking forward to read the outcome of the research.
(which btw reminds me that I need to critique an article, not blog...huhuhu)

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