Monday, January 11, 2010

MCB Big Birthday Bash

Remember me mentioning the big freeze in my last post? People say that it was supposed to be the worst winter in the UK since the original big freeze in the 1960s. I really can't comment much coz I've just been here for 3 months. But I guess it couldn't be that bad since we survived five days of freezing temperature with only two small electric heaters...

Amidst the bitter cold winter, some things brought warmth into our hearts. ... like the MCB big birthday bash which was celebrated the day our boiler went kaput.

The brainchild of K. Wan (aka Datin Penghulu) and K. Kin; it was a kongsi-birthday party organized for the January and February babies (kids only lah :)). There were 15 of them including my daughter, Amani and son, Amirul. All the parents chipped in to make it happen and what fun we had!

The hall was decorated with Christmas decorations (nak jimat... hehehe), balloons and there was even a pinata (was wondering what menatang this is :P) for the children to bludgeon! Cool!

Wish I had that for my 22nd birthday... Would have loved to: Whack! Whack! Whack! (while imagining that it was somebody's head! :P).

The cakes were made by siapa lagi kalau bukan Mahani :)...

... lots of food (reminds me of my former workplace which had makaaan each other week!;))

Sessi bapa memperkenalkan anak. Hubby demonstrating how our son was vacuumed at birth! Kui! Kui! Kui!

Besides the usual birthday sing-song and cake-cutting, there were games for everybody - from the birthday-party-must-have musical chair...

... kids' medley of events

... to baling telur (siapa lah punya idea nih ... :P).

Event: cuties dressing-up their daddies


after :)

Who would have thought that the kids' birthday party could be such a hit with adults! At the end of the day, not only the birthday kids walked home with loads of presents, the parents, too (prizes from the games and lucky draws).

Kudos to the gals for organizing such an amazing birthday bash. Looking forward to the next one already:)!!

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