Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon :) ... Kaulah segalanya

song:  Kaulah segalanya (You're my everything)
singer:  Hazrul Nizam

Since no longer permit the embedding of Youtube videos to their slide shows (...since Google's acquisition of, I had a rough time trying to find a slide maker that could embed songs for my personal project - a birthday video (present) for my son.   Sampai tak tidur malam dibuatnya.  Buat assignment pun tak macam ni... Kui! Kui! Kui!  After experimenting endlessly with a few free slidemakers and googling (the irony of it...), I finally found the so-call slide maker in the form of Picasa 3 (which was right under my nose all the time!  Grr!!!).  After successfully putting together the slide cum video project, another headache:  couldn't straightaway upload it to Blogger via Picasa.  Frust betul!!  After a few more rounds of troubleshooting, googling and youtubing, in the end I managed to upload my video  to this blog.  Alhamdulillah :).  Not as easy as it used to be with but at least I learnt a LOT of things:

#1    Perseverence in the face of adversity.  Don't easily give up!
#2    Patiently troubleshoot using whatever resources you have at hand (in my case:  Google and Youtube).  Do-it-yourself first before asking for help.  You would be surprise with your capabilities and creativity!
#3    Lastly, kalau tak boleh jugak, seek advice from the expert, techie, husband :) ... whoever that can help you solve the problem.  It's also good to pray for some divine intervention.  Always helps :)

If only I'm all this charged-up when I'm doing my research.... Huhuhu! :P. 

On a positive note, I might even do a Youtube Picasa video upload tutorial to help bloggers who faced the same problem.  Online publishing, here I come!! (If I have the time that is... :)).

In the meantime enjoy my labour of love :).  For those who know Malay, you'll know that this song is not exactly about a mother's love... hehehe!  However, I feel the melody of the song suits this project.  I can still remember how I was terpana (awed??)  when I first heard the song being delivered by the little-known singer, Hazrul, at a glitzy Malaysian TV Award Show in 2006...

Hope you enjoy it too :)!


Didie said...

Happy bday Jon!!

Koonch, buat ler slide for your beloved sister.. huhuhu..

kruel74 said...

Happy Birthday Jijut....U look more n more like ur dad :)

Koonch said...

Koob, nak kena cari pulak gambar2nya...