Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor - New library in Sec. 13 Shah Alam

I was so excited when I learnt from a friend (thanks, Mim :)) that there's a new state-of-the-art public library in the city of Shah Alam.  You must be wondering why someone would get so worked up over a library. Well folks, there are 2 main reasons.

Firstly, I've always been a "Minah Library". During my secondary school years, I spent most of my time at the library as I was a pengawas perpustakaan.  Likewise, during my undergraduate years, I also spent most of my time at the library;  not because I wanted a quiet place to study, but more to get away from my inviting bed!  My postgrad years in UM saw me going to the library almost everyday, heeding the advice of a professor to treat study leave as work.  Now in Bristol, the library is still my favourite place compared to the study room because it is not too quiet.  Yeah, you heard me right.  Students whispering, the printer whirring, the automatic door opening and closing, etc - are not distractions at all.  They helped my mind stay focus rather than wander away.  Yeah, apart from shopping complexes, the place that I frequented the most is probably the library :).

Secondly, I was looking for a place to "chill out" from the hot Malaysian weather.  There was the option of doing so in my institution's library, but somehow I didn't feel like it.  Then, I learnt about this new library on Facebook, and within minutes I was on my way to check out the place.

The huge library complex

The flagship of Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor (PPAS), the library nestled amongst the greens of the Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS), in Section 13, Shah Alam.  The library complex itself was humongous and had a splendid view :).

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque aka The Blue Mosque
as seen from the library complex

The library had only been opened for about 2 weeks (22 July 2011) and judging from the few visitors that day, I presumed that not many locals were aware of its existence.  Then again, most people were probably working ... :P

The frontliners were friendly.  As the the staff have yet to come-up with the library brochure, they asked me to take my time to explore the place.  I was given a small uncang (drawstring bag) to put in my shoes as the library zones were fully-carpeted.  Then, off I went doing what I do best - exploring every nook and corner  a la reporter Majalah 3... Hehehe!

There were 6 levels altogether.  Each level was designated for a particular age-group or function.

View of the levels from the ground floor

View of the levels from the 4th floor

I had the chance to pray at the surau on the lower ground floor.  Pretty standard for a surau, though I did wish that the women's praying area was not too open.  There were separate ablution areas for both men and women and the toilets were just outside the surau.  Other facilities as stated on the notice board were still under renovations.

The ground floor's main attractions were the Mini 3D and 6D Theaters.   I was told by the staff that they were having a 6D simulation at around 2.00 - 2.30 pm, the day I was there.  However, I missed it.  I will definitely not miss it the next time I come :).  Never experienced 6D in my life!  Can't imagine being in a theatre that stimulates all your 6 senses!  Must be loads of fun!  Even the 4D shows that I paid to see in Madame Tussaud and the London Eye Theatre were pretty unforgetable .... and PPAS is having a 6D one!  How awesome is that?? :)

Another attraction was the reading garden. - a sure hit for kids and adults alike.  Look at the pictures below and you'll know why... :)

Fancy reading a book under a tree??
Just like what you use to do in your kampung...
pix credit:  Mimma Sayuti

Kids nowadays are so lucky! :)
Pix credit:  Mimma Sayuti

What you can find on the 1st Floor :) ...

2nd Floor ...

3rd Floor ...

4th Floor ...

All the levels have some standard features such as TV lounge, IT station, book collection, reading / working area, sitting area, discussion rooms and service counter.

TV lounge

Reading / working area next to the
discussion rooms

The main reading / working area with sofas for
visitors to unwind

The open collection of books

Soothing view of the greens from this side of the  IT section

The IT section has a horse-shoe layout.  It has several Macs and probably PCs, too.  One has to pay to use the services.  I would say that the pricing was pretty reasonable, considering that the hardware were all brand new.

What I liked about this library was that it has lots of sitting areas with seats of various designs to suit all age-groups.

The sitting area on the ground floor.  Suitable for a group of people
or family to lepak while reading or working on their laptops :)

My sons would probably love this!
Their own private cocoon :)

Another sitting area on the first floor
with a nice view of the lake and the blue mosque 

There were 2 mini gyms in the library.  The women's gym was on the third floor while the men's, on the fourth.   My kind of place :).  Only 3 exercise machines, you say?  That cross-trainer is good enough for me, and hubs would be happy to jump on that treadmill anytime :D.   Not so sure whether you have to pay to use this facility.  But even if you have to, I bet it won't be as expensive as those commercial gyms in Subang Jaya.

In case you were wondering whether you can buy some snacks here, the cafe will probably be opened after Ramadhan.  Looking forward for the other facilities to start operating as well, in a few months time! :D.

Plus points aside, I feel that the library needs to stock-up on books.  The existing collection is quite limited but hey, there's always room for improvement :)

Well Shah Alam city dwellers, go check this cool place.  The library is open from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., daily this Ramadhan.  It is closed on public holidays.  If you ask me, not your typical, boring library :).

* * * * * * * * *

When I told hubs via skype, he cheekily queried:  "Ini projek kerajaan mana ni??"
Tak kisahlah... janji rakyat didahulukan ... kan? kan? kan? :P


rianjunky said...

Hi ! I was involved in this project. It took almost 3yrs to complete this project. Thanks for blogging about this library..tlg war2 kan kpd kwn2 'bout this library ye..:)
Hope the state gov could continuosly maintain this library (inside and out)..

Koonch said...

No problem. The library has a nice interior. Kalah library kat Bristol. Kudos to those involved in the project :)

Nose said...

eh org belajar dkt shah alam tak tau.thanks for the info auntie, insyallah boleh check it out.

Koonch said...

Gi, jgn tak pegi. The 6D simulation is free throughout Ramadhan. Tapi u all tengah cuti sekrg ni kan??

Anonymous said...

Saya dimaklumkan Library ni diilhamkan oleh Tuanku Sultan Selangor. dan Tuanku juga yang pilih lokasinya. Dimulakan oleh the previous govt, diteruskan oleh the present govt. Apa2pun, semuanya untuk kemudahan masyarakat.

Koonch said...

Alhamdulillah... menjunjung kasih Tuanku :).

Anonymous said...

setiap kerajaan perlu bg yg terbaik utk, why bother ni projek kjaan mana..ini mmg t/jwb kjaan. welcome to the new library..

N D Z said...

ala! Ramadhan je?...hmm cuti ni,lps raya bru balik shah alam :( it's ok la,tgk je pun ok what

Lovesucks said...

Rasa nak nangis. You wanna know why? Sebab time ni I dah tak stay shah alam. Skrg i di alor setar. WHY!!!!! WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Library shah alam dulu buruk pun i ske lepak sana sebab banyak buku,oleh itu rasa sangatlah heaven. Tapi yang INI, lebih heaven dari heaven!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!! Jealousnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

tahniah kpd yg menjayakan projek ni. library ni memang hebat. harap boleh kekalkan mcm tu. saya n anak2 dah dtg utk kali pertama dan yg pastinya akan kembali utk kali kedua.

pss_sksj2 said...

pinjam gambar sekeping dua ek.. thanks

A Librarian said...

Thanks for putting it on your blog, it's an eye opener. we have cool library!!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam...tahniah kpd PPAS sebab dapat bangunan baru. Tetapi sbg sebuah 'perpustakaan'seharusnya penggunaan bahasa memainkan peranan penting, jgn campur adukkan BM dengan BI spt gmbr di atas mengenai tanda arah. Masyarakat mungkin keliru terutamanya kanak-kanak mengenai penggunaan bahasa. Harap pengurusan PPAS dapat mengelak perkara seperti ini berlaku. Tahniah PPAS.

N D Z said...

been here!

Ummu Hasanah said...

My family and I have been there also... Feel good!