Sunday, March 4, 2012

ABC in Barcelona - Agbar, Beriani, Cerdanyola

From central Barcelona, we bought T10 Zone 2 tickets to Cerdanyola del Valles .  The journey seemed like forever and at one point we were sure that we had boarded the wrong train.  However, we were not too worried.  We survived thus far with our limited Spanish and Catalan :).

In this part of Barcelona, buildings were more modern, than modernisme.

Cerdanyola del Valles

Once there we were met by our lovely host, Merl and ushered to her flat nearby.  The menu for the day was not Spanish Paella but Malay Nasi Beriani :).  Takde masa nak ambik gambar sebab sibuk makan :).  Sambil tu dengar Merl and husband cerita about life in Barcelona (which they love), its people ("loud but helpful"), their passion ("suka berpesta"), their culture (siesta) etc.  University tuition fee is much lower in Spain compared to UK (so is seafood!) and the weather is so much sunnier and warmer... huhuhu!  I figured, sending postgraduates to Spain could save the Malaysian government, millions and make students happier, too (lots of sun and cheap food :)).  Plus, students get to acquire another language (Spanish) besides English and BM.

Barca-born Zara who speaks
Malay, English, Spanish & Arabic :)

One for the blog :)

When we finally bade farewell, it was already dark.  We took the train back to the city centre and stopped to admire Torre Agbar, that gleaming phallic tower :P.  Its similar to "The Gherkin" in London.

Torre Aqbar

End of Day 2.

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