Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Casa Battlo, Barcelona

Our next destination was Antoni Gaudi's Casa Battlo.  Similar to La Pedrera (Casa Mila), Casa Battlo was also an apartment, built by Gaudi for another wealthy Barcelona family, the Battlos.  From Palau Reial, we took Metro Line 3 to Passeig de Gracia station. Once there, it was not too difficult to catch the sight of the colourful building...

The exterior of Casa Battlo...
all bony and skeletony :)

"What?!  Another weird building??!!"
My son, Jon, couldn't hide his displeasure for having been dragged to see yet another Gaudi masterpiece. Hahaha!  So hubby volunteered to layan the sons, while the daughter and me toured the place.

Tickets were not too expensive, but I sure could have saved some Euros if I had my student card with me :(.  The price included audioguides.  Check the ticket price here.  You can buy the tickets online or on-site.  When I was there (in February), I didn't have to queue for tickets.  But I figured there would be a long queue during peak season.  The place is open 365 days (9.00 am to 9.00 pm) and will only be closed when there are functions.  

The windows of Casa Battlo on the first floor overlooking Passeig de Gracia

The modernist outdoor courtyard on the first floor...
Look at that tile work! :)

The interiors of Casa Battlo... marvellous ceramic tile work

Although we were able to visit most of the spaces, some were deemed restricted - probably these were private living spaces.  There was an antique lift going up and down, but I guessed this was private as well.  We visitors had to take the stairs.  

Gaudi's signature  catenary archs

The roof terrace was yet another proof of Gaudi's ingenuity:  the roof supposedly symbolized the backbone of the dragon killed by St. George.  As I let my imagination ran wild, I figured that the chimneys might be the swords and the crossed turret symbolized St. George?  Amacam?  Boleh ka?? :)

Can it be that this is a dragon's head (see those eyes??)
pierced by 4 swords? 

The supposed backbone of the dragon killed by St. George,
the mythical chimneys and four-armed cross

My verdict: a place that truly appeals to your mind and senses! Words can't say enough but hopefully my photos said it all :)

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