Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadhan Terakhir... @ Bristol

Tajuk post kali ni, bunyi macam drama Melayu jer, kan?? :P

I could still recall that 15-episode drama which was screened during Ramadhan in Malaysia, last year.  At that time, I was back home, collecting data for my research.  I remembered fervently watching every single Malay drama that was screened on national TV!  Kah! Kah! Kah!  Anyway, this post is not about that drama, but rather, fasting in Bristol; this being my last year :).

This is my second year fasting in Bristol.  My first was in 2010.  I remembered being worried because the fasting period was longer in this part of the world, but many Muslim friends assured me that it's not as hard as it seemed.  True enough, even my youngest son (then 8), managed to fast throughout Ramadhan :).  The hours were longer but we didn't tire much because of the cool climate.  On the other hand, fasting in Malaysia can be rather challenging due to the hot humid weather.

Jon on his first day of fasting
Ramadhan 2010
Ramadhan is just another day here.  Brits do know about it.  TESCO has some Ramadhan deals tapi takdelah Pasar Ramadhan bagai :).  Yeah, berbuka is a quiet family affair.  Instead of all-u-can-eat, it's more of all-I-can-cook.  OK je masak, so much so, that when I fasted in Malaysia last year, I cooked my buka puasa meals rather than buy at the PARAMs.  Tak sedap mana pun beli kat PARAM... :P

During weekends we usually have a Malaysian community gathering to break fast and taraweeh.  Masa ni boleh rasa pelbagai juadah potluck.  Don't know what 'luck' we have this year as the community has dwindled in size.  Many families have gone back and no signs of new ones coming.  It seems Malaysian postgraduates are now re-routed to the new world - Oz and NZ :).  Not so 'great' now, eh Britain?? :P

So far, puasa has been rather 'hot'.  It's really funny.  The weather which has always been gloomy and rainy is suddenly transformed with Ramadhan.  It's been 4 searing days.  26 degrees today ("macam lah panas sangat!" kata orang Malaysia).  Thankfully, still bearable because of the cool breeze.  Still... 18 hours without food and water is no mean feat :)

Pengalaman yang pasti dikenang bila kembali ke tanahair nanti :)

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