Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bristol 10Km Run 2013

I woke-up at 6.00 this morning to the noise of  Bristol City Council workers, unloading cones from the lorry onto the road.  Today's the big day - Bristol 10 km. Run 2013.  10 000 miles away, another BIG day: Malaysians casting their votes in the country's 13th General Election.  But that's story for another day :).

9.00 a.m. - all ready for the event
According to the event link, the race would start at 9.30 a.m from @ Bristol.  So, there I was, perched on the window, ready with my Samsung.  A large crowd had also assembled along the harbourside to cheer the contestants.  

Moments before the race, a lone wheelchair athlete whizzed through, signalling the race was about to start.  When the spectators started to cheer and clap loudly, I knew that the contestants were coming!

Here they come!
The first wave of runners

Go! Go! Go!

They came in droves!

Full speed ahead!!

All the way to Portway and then back again

There were some colourful characters...

Sponge-Bob was running for Ella :)

Going bananas! :)

An unidentified cape crusader :)

tutu and fro for a cause :)

'Gromit', 'Yogi Bear', 'Roadrunner' and an alligator, unfortunately, escaped from being 'captured' by my smartphone!  Huh!

The runners started from @ Bristol, ran through Hotwell Road up to Portway, before turning and heading back to @Bristol via Cumberland Road.  No end-of-race pictures from moi, though.  Too busy finding out about election results :)

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