Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 2008 at a glance

5 June 2008
Harga minyak naik (actually people were already talking about the possibility of a fuel price increase in May). On Monday, June 2, Datuk Shahrir Samad, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister said that a new fuel subsidy scheme would be implemented in August. Tup-tup, on Wednesday, June 4, learnt that the fuel price would increase the next day. The price of petrol surged to RM 2.70 a litre from the previous RM 1.92. The people's reaction? No need to elaborate here. Just go to my fellow blogger (Amboi!)
Tun Mahathir's blog to read the rakyat's grouses.
9 - 13 June 2008

Was in Kajang to attend a meeting with 20 other "ESP practitioners". Hours of tiring discussions, heated arguments and hotel food! (pagi, petang, siang, malam, meeting and eating!). Met interesting people too, among others; Marsha AF3 in the lift, a "special" hotel guest who "entertain" us with her melodious voice during breakfast (K. Safiyah thought that it was in-house music!) and David Arumugam's sister (just kidding, Gouri!) whose 'karmic' encounters and BM expressions had us in stitches (it has been ages since I last heard someone saying "tamak haloba"!). I also burnt my Baju Kedah (which was my first Bead-It-Myself baju!) while using the hotel's iron. Told you ironing is not my forte...

10 June 2008
PM announced the austerity drive. Government servants ... don't expect luxuries like out-station courses (no more hotel stays), overseas scholarships, and even new staff (Hu! Hu!). On Thursday, June 12, read in the paper that our salaries would be paid in two installments every month come August. I wonder what's next ...

10 June 2008
Had end-of-the-semester dinner with my colleagues at Marche (hubby's favourite restaurant). Makan-makan (lagi...) and exchanged gifts. (Thanks Chris, for the MPH vouchers - see ... you don't have to crack your head like the others to think of what to give me! He! He!)

13 June 2008
My new maid arrived from Indonesia. Sent her to my mum's place for a two-week "Kursus Induksi" to learn the how-tos.

14 June 2008
Took the kiddos (except Jon) to watch Kung Fu Panda at Sunway Pyramid. Enjoyed our one-and-a-half hour watching the hillarious movie (must see!).

from Amirul's Bossini Kung Fu Panda Tee

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