Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween Scare

Yesterday, had one helluva Halloween. Nope, there were no kids dressed in fancy clothes going around the neighbourhood asking for "trick or treat" (We Malaysians somehow did not suck-up to this "celebration" as we did Valentine's Day). The kiddos and hubby did not pull a prank on me, either. But what happenned yesterday was really "scary", at least to me (the only other scare I got was "Kekasih Ku Seru" the night before... Ha! Ha!).

My XPS screen just went BLANK.

It was horrible. Hubby, the computer expert couldn't fix the problem even after several restarts.

I was actually sweating (and I was not even in the gym!). I have not progressed much in my 20-page PTK assignment not to mention the non-existent powerpoint presentation. And now, I have to figure out whose computer I would be taking to JB for my PTK next weekend (Hubby's taking his to Aceh, my old LT is also problematic, that leaves Abah's gleamingly new LT that we gave him for his birthday. Berguna jugak hadiah tu...He! He!).

Hubby was cool as usual (that's why God gave me him, I guess). Told me we'd get the Dell Support by Monday and hopefully get the LT fixed before Friday. How optimistic ... Didn't really sleep last night.

This morning, the moment I openned my eyes, I switched on the LT hoping for a miracle. After several false starts, I actually managed to "up" the system and ... and here I am, sharing with you guys my scary Halloween.

Moral of the incident: NEVER install any pirated software in your precious LT (I noticed that my CS3 had completely disappeared from the desktop). Secondly, er ... never do work last minute (though it's during the last few days before deadline that you'll get the creative juices flowing). Thirdly, be patient when faced with difficulties. Who knows there'll be some kind of "divine intervention" (got this from hubby). Er ... wasn't that scary, eh?

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kruel said...

Guilty in the department of doing things at last minute. Have 5 assignments to sent by 9.11.08 and just started 2 days ago. Finished two, one is being done and the other 2 tak cukup bahan. Siap tak balik seremban lagi (this weekend the alternate balik weekend)