Monday, November 17, 2008


A day after I came back from my one-week PTK, I read in my favourite newspaper that Cuepacs plans to boycott the Competency Level Assessment (PTK) examination. Why? It was mentioned, among others, that "the examination had not achieved its intended objectives" as "there is no guarantee that those who had passed the examination will be promoted as it would depend on the availability of posts". For you dummies out there, the PTK is a compulsory assessment that civil servants are subjected to for promotions purposes.

Is the PTK that bad? I guess it depends on who you ask. Me? I've never liked exams. Come to think of it, I'm not crazy of interviews and presentations either ... He! He! But I would say that my PTK experience was pretty inspiring. Apart from revisiting concepts like Falsafah Pendidikan Negara, Wawasan 2020 and God-knows-what, I met so many amazing people. I really admire the speakers for their experience, teaching spirit and professionalisme. There's this one Dr. Hamdan from UTM whose "theaterical" presentation was jaw-dropping and saliva-dripping ("expression" baru! He! He!). Then, there's Hajah Norbi who blogs and had written books on her teaching and admin experience. My mom should write one too! (Will be helping her to set up her own blog, for a start).

On a separate issue, I am not too sure, really, why I had to attend the course because I'm not in the DG scheme ... hmm ... Anyway, I went, enjoyed myself (despite the presentations and exam), and made some wonderful friends.

K. Dah yang baik hati . Thanks for taking us (me & K. Yus) out to makan-makan at Larkin. First time ate the Singaporean-Arabian cuisine, Kacang Pool!

K. Zu yang simple & humble. I tau you ada "M***" berderet kat rumah ...

Sharizan yang "ayu jelita" (he! he!), soft-spoken and penyayang.

Haslina yang friendly & computer-savvy.

Ana. Hang ni cute tapi ada sket ... garang! He! He! Kesian kat Tuan Hj. kita tu ... did I mention that I came back 1 or 2 kilos heavier? Thanks (or rather, no thanks!) to the delicious food served by the friendly chef at Tropical Inn, JB. I knew this was coming, so I actually fasted for about a week before I went for the course. However, tak berjaya maintain my weight! Ha! Ha! Looks like I'll have to work extra hard on the cardio machine this weekend. True Fitness, here I come!

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Odie said...

Koonch, I ada recipe kacang pool ;-)