Thursday, January 22, 2009

How far would you go?

In the wake of the Gaza attrocities and calls for boycott of American and so-called Jewish products, how far would you go to support the Palestinian cause and send your message across to the Zionist Regime and their supporters?

Are you willing to forgo your ...

Estee Lauder cosmetics?
Sidney Sheldon paperbacks?
kid's Power Rangers figurines?
tightest link - Google and FB?
comfy Levi's and Gap apparel?
weekly grocery shopping at Tesco?
Mark's & Spencer's shopping spree?
thirst-quenching Cokes and Pepsis?
reliable Dell LTs (plus the Intel inside)?
Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren perfumes?
favourite Starbucks ice-blended beverages?
finger-licking good KFCs, McDees and Wendy's?
not-to-be-missed TV shows and Hollywood Movies?
well-paying job at an American company (as suggested by a former statesman)?

Not so easy, huh?
To those who made an effort: Wow! That's a tough act to follow.
To those who don't give a hoot: you have your reasons. Nobody can force you to do something you don't believe in.
To the Palestinians: my doa and prayers.
To the perpetrators: I'll leave it to God.

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