Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Partial Solar Eclipse on 26/1/2009

We waited, witnessed and captured the partial solar eclipse in Seremban, yesterday. Equipped with only our digital compacts and vintage film negatives that were scavenged from old photo envelopes, abah and I spent close to three hours capturing the phenomenon. After all, you don't get to see this everyday, right? The last time a solar eclipse occurred was in 2002.

The challenge of capturing the solar eclipse using our 8 Mp digital compacts made the whole exercise even more exciting. My sister who was in Teluk Intan for the CNY hols, however, was not so lucky. Her D80 was rendered useless because the weather was cloudy over there and she can't even see the sun. It's the case of not being at the right place at the right time.
Since our cameras were no DSLRs, we experimented.

A small strip of used film negative, taped to the camera lense made instant filter.

Triple filters. Two layers of used b & w film negative in front of the camera helped us capture almost crisp images of the sun and help protect our eyes, too.
Below are the images of the sun in its various stages of eclipse. But of course, a DSLR would have produced better images ...


Didie said...

Amazing!! Nice shots sis ;-) Ruginyer tak dapat nengok :-(

Koonch said...

Penat Koob. Tak prepare sebenarnya. Abah tiba2 nak ambik gambar. Lain kali I'll prop the camera on the tripod.

nazee said...


Koonch said...

Hi Victor. Sorry, accidentally rejected your comments with my fumbling hands! Yeah, I know rayban helps. Anyway, didn't even look at the sun through the negatives. Just through the monitor (the view finder?). Any nice pictures of the eclipse?