Monday, December 28, 2009

December Diaries

My last month in 2009 was filled with activities and happenings.

8th Dec
I was jolted from sleep at dawn by a panic hubby. The kitchen pipe had burst, water had flooded the kitchen and he couldn't locate the mains. So, in a daze, I made some calls and set out to mop the floor (which proved to be futile). Luckily our Malaysian friends who lived nearby, came after getting our SOS. They too, couldn't find the mains but managed to temporary stop the leak. Later a plumber came, located the mains in the most unthought-of place (inside the boiler) and fixed the pipe. Moral of the story: you should know where your mains for your electricity and water are if you are in the UK. It can be anywhere (someone's mains is even in the master bedroom). Kat Malaysia senang aje tempatnya...

9th Dec
Took time off from doing my assignments to watch my son perform in his school's nativity play in conjunction with Christmas. So cute :).

10th Dec
Handed-in my first assignment for the semester - statistics. I slogged it out for the assignment but was taken aback when I saw how thick the others' were compared to mine. Oh well, tawakkal aje lah. But what do you know... I did pretty well (somebody let me in on my results...hehehe).

12th Dec
Attended the first session of MCB's winter photography workshop. The instructors were Riezal and Omen. Some basics on photography but nonetheless, informative.

13th Dec
Added one more feather to my cap - DIY barber! Thought I could save money by cutting the menfolks' hair myself. Men's haircut here costs about 7 pounds (that would be about RM 35) and they don't really cut that much (macam trim aje). So with some encouragement from hubby and my friend, Faezah, I bought the Babyliss clipper kit which was on sale at Asda and set out to 'menggondolkan' all those bushy heads! Ngeh! Ngeh! Ngeh! It was not too difficult when you have the right tools (should have done this a long time ago!)

17th Dec
My forthnightly meeting with my supervisor. She told me not to kill myself over the assignments...hehehe...

"You don't mind getting a B or C, do you?"

she asked with great concern that I guiltily said I don't. Truth is I DO mind! Am going to confess about this mad obsession when we meet in two weeks time to discuss about my research questions. Ayoyo!

19th Dec
Attended second session of the photography workshop. The instructors were Akob and Nato, the humble 'photo-hobbyist'. Check-out his work at this link.

20th Dec
Teman budak2 play snow at the backyard. Wondered how they could last for so many hours in the plunging temperature. I kept running back to the house to warm my fingers and feet!

22nd Dec
Handed in my second assignment - a 20 page critique of a research article. In order to critique one article, I ended reading even more books and article. Lastly, dah tak larat nak baca, hantar je lah ...

23rd Dec
Chaperoned my two kids to watch 'New Moon'. The fact that I watched the movie a month after it openned, shows that I'm really not into all this Twilight-New Moon-Edward Cullen hype. I was really looking forward to the wolf-gnarling and Edward-bashing (no offence, Edward's fans :)) scenes that I saw in the trailer, though. Boy, was I let down. They were so brief! (just like in the trailer!). My verdict: the movie was a drag! I think Twilight was a wee bit better than this one (New Moon), although the former did drive me nuts with the oh-so-many scenes of the actors staring lovey-doveyly into each other's eyes :P. BTW Jacob looked so much better than Edward ... hehehe.

25th Dec
Spent Christmas at home - relaxing, watching TV, cooking, eating. Very merry indeed :).

26th Dec
I couldn't have possibly rivalled Rebecca Brandon nee Bloomwood, but was knocked out all the same on Boxing day. Well, after working so hard, I should reward myself, right? Hubby pointed out:
"That's a shopaholic excuse."
Whatever, Jeej. I'm happy that I spent within my means, and I'm pleasantly surprised that you didn't nag.

... and that's all I have to say about my December.

Happy New Year everybody! :)

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kruel74 said...

He said it was madness (the boxing day sale) so we guessed he caught the fever too