Thursday, December 31, 2009

What New Year resolutions?

It's that time of the year again when people will be making new year resolutions. Some do so privately, others eagerly telling the whole world (via twitter, FB, etc). There was a time when I was one of them. Not this year. I asked myself do I need to make resolutions come new year? What if I'm not up to it? What if I think that new year's eve is just not significant enough for me to make one? After all it's just another day.

Not that I don't make resolutions at all. I constantly make resolutions throughout the year -when something significant (to me, might not be to you!) happenned in my life. I remembered making one, recently, after Boxing Day. I was thinking,

"I have everything I need right now, I won't need to buy ANYTHING until next year".

... somehow, I got a feeling that 'until next year' really meant until 'the Summer Sale'... hehehe! Then, there was the time when I couldn't send my assignment on time. I pledged loudly to never do my work last minute ever again (to which the 'kakaks' at GSOE just laughed). Truth is, they and I know that is never going to happen. We need the adrenalin rush when we do our work at that most critical period. But deep down, I'm hoping that I can change this destructive habit as now I remembered that there's another assignment deadline coming up... :(.

There you have it folks! I don't have any resolutions specially made to commemorate 2010 :), I do it all the time. For you guys who have one, all the best in meeting those resolutions!

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