Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gallivanting in Cymru - The town with the longest name and Bodnant Garden

A visit to Wales wouldn't be complete if you don't visit their small town with the longest name.  Try saying this in one breath:

A load of goobledygook right? How to pronounce it? Go to this link.  It has a sound file :)

The name was so long, you'd have to have a wide-angle lense to fit the name into the frame!  In English it means: we go again ...

 St. Mary's Church in a hollow of white hazel near the swirling whirlpool of the Church of St. Tysilio with a red cave

The town's attraction?  The name, silly! :P

* * * * * *

Our last stop in Wales was Bodnant Garden.  More flora and fauna  pictures for you !

great place to experiment with the camera settings ...:)

Verdict:  There's an entrance fee but if you like flowers (or you like to take pictures of flowers :P), well worth every penny.  Beautiful place! Ample space for the kids to run around and play hide and seek ... not for those with wobbly knees, though!   But don't worry, the place is wheel-chair friendly :).  Figured out that summer might be a better time to visit when the roses are in full bloom :). 


Didie said...

Yang putih tuh bunga apa Koonch? Lawa..

Koonch said...

Gardenia... or was it Camellia?? Kat Malaysia dulu aku ada tanam kat rumah but of course this one is of another kind :)

3yearshousewife said...

Noreen, beautiful pictures. The angles are perfect. Dah terer guna mcm2 settings ya.

Koonch said...

TQ As! Experiment bila ada peluang. Setting lanyak je :)