Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gallivanting In Cymru - Portmeirion Village

Our first stop was... (drumroll :)) ...Portmeirion Village! Yeay!

Yes! Portmeirion as in those fancy plates that used to adorn the walls of a certain house in USJ :)!  But I was not plate-hunting this time around.  Just there to soak in the colours of spring with the family.  Thought I could see some pottery making, though.  Mana ada ... kuikuikui!  Anyway, since we came in the afternoon, we only paid half price for the entry tickets.
So, what's the attraction here you ask?  Acres of landscaped 'village'.  See for yourself ...


The village by the sea

The village that Clough Williams-Ellis built ...

... and one for the album :)

colours of spring


the light house

the sons posing on the cliff


 frolicking in the woods

stopping to smell the flowers and pluck 'em too :)

Then it happenned ...






Tak boleh berhenti :P!!

This is what Portmeirion is all about...

"Nak collect gambar semua species bunga ke??" Hubby perli ... :P

Kikiki!  Gambar bunga lagi banyak dari gambar orang! :D

When it was time to go, even the kids were reluctant ...

Souvenir shop pun dah tutup. Tak dapat beli fridge magnet! Ceh! 

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