Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes 2010

To all my Christian friends and readers,

May the festive mood of Christmas fill your hearts with love and contentment throughout the day!  

To all the rest, especially those in Bristol :
Keep warm in this cold, wintry weather
Don't fret (yeah, you heard me correct!),
enjoy your white (and freezing :P) Christmas,
as snow doesn't come easy in this part of the land :P
Take those vits everyday
so that you keep flu at bay.
Enjoy your much deserved break
but don't forget to read those journal articles in bed ;),
Have a blast on Boxing Day, shoppers! :D
but spare some money for the gas (bills) shockers... :P
Cheers mate!

Tis the  season to be jolly... Fa la la la laaaa... la la la laaaa.... :)

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