Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Call: 2011 and beyond

How time flies...  Bye bye 2010, Hello 2011!  Looking back, 2010 was a tumultuous year, well, at least for me.  Juxtaposed (by choice :P) to a foreign land, I was overwhelmed by a lot of things.  I was exposed to a new culture and its people, new ways of learning and thinking... Scary at times, but eye-opening most of the time.  And if that's not enough, I was struggling with multiple responsibilities.  I may be a full-time student but in-reality, I'm a part-time student, full-time mother and wife.  Spoilt by my maid and my mum, my learning curve was quite high :). 

Looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way, though.  I chose this road (and dragged my family with me too).  Looking around me, I do consider myself lucky as the important people in my life (my supervisor, included:)) are still with me.  My quest is far from over and God willing I'll persevere.  What better song to be my 'battle' anthem (2011 and beyond) than Regina Spektor's "The Call" (theme song from "The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian").  Here's to hope and faith.  Happy New Year everybody!!!   

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