Monday, May 16, 2011

Being a teacher

Today is Teacher's Day.  Not sure whether it's a global thing.  After all, Mother's Day was celebrated in March in the UK but in Malaysia, it was just celebrated about two weeks ago!  Anyway, I would never forget Teacher's Day.  Not just because I'm a teacher (currently not a practising one :)), but because the date co-incides with my wedding anniversary!  Not that I had planned my wedding date to co-incide with the day.  Honest!  I was just trying to maximise my 'cuti sambilan' or whatever it was called then (so the previous life!).  Being a teacher, you cannot really take cuti sesuka hati especially when the principal goes by the book! :) So got married on a prosperous Friday (which co-incided with Teacher's Day); had reception at my place the next day and three days later, reception at hub's on a prosperous day for the Buddhists - Wesak Day (holiday again!).  The following week was the school hols - perfect for a getaway!   Come to think of it: just like William & Kate who got hitched during the Easter Hols (sort of :P).

Any Teacher's Day tribute, you say?  Well, done that years ago when I first blogged (under the post:  Remembering My Teachers).  Yeah, I wrote about some of my teachers, from kindergarten up to university.  Two years ago, a teacher whom I blogged about, sent an email to thank me for remembering her! Hahahuhu!  Malu pun ada :P.

Then early this year, I accidentally discovered a Malay drama (Kuala Pilah Next Top Model featuring Rozita Che Wan) on the web about Cikgu Nxxxxx who taught in Pilahdelphia and I went like... Whoa!  Spooky...  but after watching the mediocre drama... yep, nothing to do with me :).  Just like the cautionary note at the beginning of the drama:  "... tiada kena mengena dengan orang yang hidup maupun yang sudah meninggal dunia".  However, the drama brought back sweet memories of my early teaching days in Pilahdelphia :). 

What do I think of teaching?  Well, teaching may not be the best of jobs but it has it's moments.  Like when you hear how well your students have turned out to be, some drawing fatter paychecks than you :); that you have made an impact in their life, enough for them to blog about you :).

To my blogger-student, thanks for remembering me.  Terharunya...huhuhu :).  To all teachers out there:  Happy Teacher's Day.


Didie said...

LOL "cantik.. pandai bergaya.. baju lawa2??" kembang ler tuh :-p

Koonch said...

Kah!Kah!Kah! Zaman anak dara la ;)

fiziskandarz said...

awwwww i can imagine it must be very cool if ur students mentioned ur name in their blog and stuff every once in a while :D