Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taking photos off the TV screen

Ever thought of taking photos off the TV screen??  Well, this has crossed my mind one time or another but I found no compelling reasons to do so.  After all, why bother taking photos from the TV (secondary location) when I can take photos from real (primary) locations?  Then came the Royal wedding, and I decided to 'record' this once in a lifetime event through my D5000 lense. 

It was a split-second decision, so I did not have time to search for the 'how-tos'.  Basically, I was experimenting with the camera and lighting.

Looked just like any photos
First thing that I did was to close the curtains to minimize reflections from outside. The next thing that I should have done was to prop the camera on a tripod.  This will ensure better quality photos (no shaking, see?). However, I decided to hold the camera instead, as I had propped myself comfortably in bed.  As the camera has an anti-vibration device, I was very confident that it would take care of my minor movements.   So, there I was, 'trigger happy' .. mengalahkan CNN! Kui! Kui! Kui!

Even captured the itinerary! :)

I was quite happy with the pictures, no diagonal lines across the screen as what I've seen in some photos taken from TV.  The images and colours were quite solid, too.

What I loved most about taking photos this way was that it enabled me to capture photos from positions which might not have been accessible to me, ever!  ...and which would need me to be in  multiple places at once!  Thanks to the real pixmen covering the event :)

... the aerial view of the abbey interior from one side :)

... and this from the other side

another stunning angle

... 'only in my dreams' angle :)

The real "sharp-shooters"... aku hanya serangga :)

Some of the moments captured were a la paparazzi gitu... kikiki!  Like when Kate was discreetly ushered into the car, providing the frenzied commentators only a glimpse of  the dress... 

The dress, or rather the royal wedding gown, was designed by Sarah Burton, and has been compared with that of Grace Kelly's. 

The bride was resplendent on her wedding day although some Facebookers questioned her decision to do her own make-up.  Biarlah asalkan dia bahagia :) ...

The wedding moments...

You can capture two moving frames in one exposure...
only (when you take photos) on TV!  Cool!

Other photography techniques (secondarily) executed... 


object in motion or whatever it was called :P

Of course, the most important aspect of photography is to document important events, such as the kiss.

The Balcony

The mob ... they came in droves!

The cops

What's up?  The couple.
Somehow the minute but visible vertical lines were obvious towards the end. 

There were 2 kisses.  Which one was the first, you figure it out.  Looked the same to me :)

That's all for now, folks!


Anonymous said...

Salam Perkenalan,

Saya Elaisya dr KL ingin bertanya dengan puan mengenai Bristol area. InsyaAllah kami akan ke sana September nanti. Jika puan tidak keberatan boleh email saya di

Terima kasih.

Koonch said...

Salam Elaisya, I'll blog about Bristol to give u some ideas about the place :). May benefit other prospective visitors, too.

Mandy Jayne said...

Thanks so much I have often sat here thinking I wonder if you can take pictures off the Tv and never tried it, I think I am going to now :)

Koonch said...

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you managed to take some nice photos from the tv :)