Saturday, August 2, 2008

From Langkawi to Tanjung Malim

July was quite a month. First it was my birthday. Then, the new semester. Next it was the SIRIM audit. Amidst all these, I had to attend a meeting in Langkawi and a course in Tanjung Malim. Read on...
21 - 23 July 2008
When I was told that I had to attend a meeting in Langkawi, I had mixed feelings. The last time I visited Langkawi was 10 years ago. Therefore, I was really looking forward to see the place again. On the other hand, the prospect of having to put up at one Institut Pengurusan Peladang (IPP) made me less enthusiastic. I assumed that it was a hostel. I hated the idea that I would have to bring my own towel, toiletries, prayer mat, iron and the likes (I like to travel light, see?). But what to do? These are trying times for government servants ... He! He!
I flew on AirAsia. The service was as usual ... excellent. Cuma I noticed the passengers were getting kiasu by the day - e.g.: queuing even before the plane arrives, queue-jumping, shoving other passengers ... The experience was macam naik bas mini in the 90s! But then again, AirAsia is the air "bus" (Now everyone can fly, remember?) For the elderly and those with small children, I would recommend that they pay a little bit more for express boarding.
Anyway, IPP turned out to be a comfy lodge indeed! Ada air-con, hot water, coffee-making facilities, TV, phone, toiletries and towels ... (what was I thinking?!!). The food was OK. I shared a room with Gan who was a delight to be with. The rest of the cuorom were pretty much the same people who attended the first Pembangunan Instrumen meeting in Kajang. The meetings were long - biasalah ESP practitioners. On the last day, went shopping. What to buy in Langkawi? Chocolates, minyak gamat, cigarettes, kain batik Indon and of course, the "wares" (Visions, Pyrex, Correlle, Corningware). Some things never change...
View from the plane: Awana Porto Malai and Pelangi Beach Resort
The islands off-Langkawi

Pulau Dayang Bunting & Tasik Dayang Bunting

29 July - 1 August 2008
This may sound cliched, but the last time I set foot in Tanjung Malim was 14 years ago! The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) course which I was asked to attend also gave me the chance to see Gan again as it was held at Tanjung Inn, PSAS. Gan the gracious "host", drove me around the serene PSAS hilly campus.

How was the course? Suffice to say I learnt new things and plenty of acronyms - DOSH, HSE, PPE, MCDC, HIRAC, etc. Bolehlah tukar-tukar fikiran 'ngan si Mary Jane the almost environmentalist tu! Ha! Ha! Sightseeing in Tanjung Malim? Ada la, keluar malam, makan durian kampung. Very delicious and cheap - selonggok RM 10.

Clothes were pretty cheap, too. After all, Tanjung Malim is known as the "Education Town" (UPSI, being the anchor institution of higher learning). Before I left, I bought a few of the famous Tanjung Malim pau, Yik Mun Pau (certified halal by the Jabatan Agama Islam Perak). How was the paus? Soft and yummy. But then again, I have always loved pau (even Kart's Instant Pau)! However, it must have been good because Amani who never liked pau, happily ate them.

Yik Mun Hainan Kaya Pau

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