Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ladies' Nite Out - Italiannies

Friday night: had a ladies' nite out at the Italiannies Restaurant, The Curve. It was to actually raikan my boss who has been promoted (as the Director of KKSB) and will be leaving soon. Except for Cokena, everybody was there - even Huda, Zie, Aliza (with Amin in tow), Elane & Praba. The jam however, kept most of the gals on the road and the rest of us (the early birdies) hungry! Hu! Hu!
The restaurant was literally bursting at its seams - rightfully so because it was Friday night and people were also crowding the bar to watch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. BTW no words can describe the grand opening ceremony (even "spectacular" would be an understatement). The formations were so artistic, colourful, elaborate, detailed, precise - trademark of the opening ceremony director who happens to be acclaimed Chinese film director, Zhang Yimou.
As for us, we finally ate at 9.30 p.m. The food was aplenty (Thanks Cokena!). I loved my strawberry colada. The pasta, pizza and soup were just O.K but the salad was surprisingly delicious. The clams, I tak rasa but must be delicious because they disappeared (save for the shells) in seconds. The cinnamon bread pudding was not really a hit with the ladies except for yours truly! Anyway, I memang hantu bread pudding...
In between meals, boss got to open some presents. Judging from what she got, she's gonna be one stylish Pengarah! He! He! Here are some of the snap shots:

Me with the bosses, Pn. Su (out-going) and Pn. Susi (in-coming)

Elane and Praba never looked better! Keep in touch!

One for the album. From left (Back row): Hani (nampak mata aje), Pn. Susi, Mehraj. Front: Zie, Huda, Ayu, Tini, Pn. Su, Mar, E, Saras (partly hidden) and Chris.

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