Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping vs Photography in Bangkok

I count shopping and photography among my interests. But I didn't know which one I loved more. My recent trip to Bangkok, however, gave me the answer. Before coming to Bangkok, I promised myself that I would take loads of pictures to be uploaded to my blog. Everything went on smoothly at first - tonnes of pictures of the airport, the skyscrappers, the hotel, people, paraphernalia even, that prompted hubby to perli: "Nak buat magazine ke?" He! He!
Then, came the Suan Lum Night Bazaar trip. At first I was happily capturing everything with my Coolpix, but as we advanced further into the shopper's jungle, it was not the shutter clicking away but my tongue wagging (er... haggling), instead! Really, they didn't call this place a shopper's haven for nothing! Even hubby's friend got bitten by the shopping bug. Yang tak kena gigit was hubby (impenetrable!) and he soon got bored and complained of aching feet. So I suggested that he go for a foot massage ... so that I can buy more time to shop! Ngeh! Ngeh! Ngeh! (keluar tanduk!).

Hubby would rather show his butt than his face!

When we finally got back to the hotel after 5 hours, it was then that I discovered that I had gotten more things (unplanned) compared to pictures of the place (the original plan)! I could have kicked myself! Therefore, I pledged to try harder when we go to MBK Centre this evening ...

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