Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeding Squirrels at Brandon Hill

The weather has not been exactly great.  It had been wet for the past few weeks and there were days when temperature dipped to zero degree - ideal for snuggling in bed...  I practically had to drag my feet to go to school everyday! Huhuhu...  With autumn settling in, it gets dark (and cold) pretty early in the evening and by 5.30 p.m. I would be on my way home.  There's dinner to prepare and the usual household chores to do.  By 8.30 p.m., everyone (save for hubby) would have plonked in bed and before you know it, another day begins.  Dreary days, ain't it?  Therefore, I always look forward to weekends, especially Sunny Sundays :).  

Alhamdulillah, we had been blessed with good weather for two Sundays now.  It was during the first Sunday that I discovered a gem of a park near my school (Graduate School of Education).  Well, I knew that Brandon Hill was just a few metres away but I didn't know that it was a lovely park teeming with birds and squirrels!

I remembered dragging my sons up the hill for the first time to take some autumn pictures.  They had wanted to follow my husband and daughter to the art shop down the road, but I sort of forced them to come with me ...  Kuikuikui!

Cabot Tower at the top of Brandon Hill

Notice of Cabot Tower undergoing restoration

Cabot Tower on a bright sunny afternoon

One smiling face

Finally... 2 smiling faces :)
Yeah, they protested loudly at first, but was soon taken by the beauty of the place and its little "dwellers".  So they begged me to come again the following Sunday as they had wanted to feed the squirrels.  So, we went there again last Sunday, with a tubful of hazel nuts - leftovers from Amani's baking activities :).

a squirrel nibbling our hazel nut
Boy, did they come to us!  Big, thin, bushy-tailed - you name it.  Macam-macam pe'el.  Some took the nuts and nibbled happily in front of the camera.  There was one which had the peculiar habit of burying the nuts.  Maybe stocking-up for cold winter days :) ... Others just snatched the nuts and were gone in a flash. 

I didn't quite succeed to take nice pictures of the squirrels in action and it was only later that I remembered that I could have actually videoed them in action with my NikonLupa lak ... tee hehe!

Nampak macam sang kancil lah pulak! :P

Jon was clearly the squirrel's favourite! :D

Squirrel yang kurus dan berekor panjang

Squirrel yang sihat sket ...

Bushy-tailed squirrel

While the kids were busy feeding the squirrels and feeding themselves as well (hazel nuts tu !), I took the chance to enjoy the ambience while capturing some autumn scenes.   Loved the effect of the natural evening light on my pix! :)

see the squirrel on the path?

I had to coax my son Jon to go home when it got cold and had to promise to come back again.  Looks like it's Brandon Hill next weekend, too! :D

Redup dan nyaman

Nice view of Bristol city from Brandon Hill

Time to go boys ...


kruel74 said...

Nice. Remember to bring us here next time we r in England

Didie said...

Nice!! Squirrels kat belakang rumah aku dulu comot and evil :-p (sbb suka sneak masuk rumah and berak merata)

Koonch said...

InsyaAllah will take you guys here when you come to Bristol :)

3yearshousewife said...

Wah, high maintenance punya tupai, makan hazelnut lagi...
I am missing autumn so very much... but not the cold frosty weather.

Koonch said...

Agree :)