Monday, October 11, 2010

West End walk: The Strand & Covent Garden

We've heard so much about this place.  I siap ingat tempat tu taman bunga! Kui! Kui! KuiDah tentu bukan... :P.  So, on our second day, we decided to check the place out.  From our homestay in Willesden, we took the tube to the Enbankment station and from there, made our way to Covent Garden on foot.  We passed The Strand, home to a few London theatres.  In its heyday, it used to be the hub of Victorian Theatre and nightlife and there were at least 11 theatres then.  Now there are only 4.

walking along The Strand
The Adelphi Theatre

The Savoy Theatre

The Lyceum Theatre

After a while we finally reached our destination:  Covent Garden :)!

Outside Covent Garden
ala-ala Central Market KL

There was the Apple Market in Covent Garden.  Just as Covent Garden was not a garden, the Apple Market did not have apples :).  Instead, all kinds of clothes, art and crafts were sold there.  The atmosphere reminded me of the weekend flea market at the Curve :)!

My kind of thing :)

Next we ventured into the Jubilee Market Hall which has more stuff on sale.  Unfortunately, the vendors were quite reluctant to be photographed.  Takut orang tiru idea kot??? :P.  So the only photo that I got of this place was this...

The Jubilee Market Hall features different items on different days.  On Mondays it's antiques.  Tuesdays to Fridays:  general market.  Weekends:  arts and crafts.

Verdict:  My kind of place :)!  Yours too if you're into flea market nick nacks, arts and crafts.  Cuma, tak sama dengan flea market kat Asia where you can haggle for price of things.  Oh well,  different place, different culture :). 

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