Wednesday, October 6, 2010

London Eye

Next on the list was the London Eye.  It was just me and my sons as the father and daughter were not really keen on the ride.  The queue was rather long and when it was my turn, I was surprised that the tickets were not as expensive as I thought.  Adults pay 17.95 pounds while children, 9.50 pounds each.  Yang mahal tu tiket combination...  It's cheaper to buy online, of course. 

Before we got on the ride, we were ushered to a nearby theatre for a 4D experience of the London Eye.  Yeah, the in-thing in tourism London now is 4D.  Well, as long as it is FREE (it comes with the tickets), I'm not complaining :P!  Heck, I didn't even raise an eyebrow when I had to part with some money (again!) for the photo packs (one large photo, a photo key chain & photo fridge magnet).  Yeah, this in-situ no-obligations photo thingy seems to be the norm in London :P.  I ended being a few pounds poorer but the delighted faces of my boys...  PRICELESS! :)

Me filling up 'the gap'

We had to queue again before getting into the capsule (that's what they call 'em).  Our bags were thoroughly checked for sharp items.  Yeah, the day we were in London was also the day when THE POPE came a-calling.  Security was tight everywhere we went.  After a while, we were ushered into a capsule. 

all smiles... tercapai hasrat :)

Houses of Parliament from the London Eye

Rare moments of brotherly love :P

This was how the capsule looked like

Top of the world @ capsule moments :)

When you're at the top,
don't forget to look down :)

Our ride took 30 minutes but the whole London Eye experience (queuing to buy tickets, 4D experience, queuing for the ride, the ride)  was longer than that.  By the time we got off, hubby and Amani had already been loitering for quite sometime and were hungry again!  Begitulah putaran perut diorang... hehehe!

Verdict :  OKlah...  London Eye was bigger than Eye on Malaysia, so you wouldn't feel the capsule moving.  No flipping of the stomach or dizzy fits, folks!  There were seats for passengers but most people prefer to stand anyway.  Not really a WOW experience but as long as the kids are happy, (their atuk happy), I'm happy! :P

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