Friday, May 30, 2008

Does anybody check the weather forecast anymore?

The Situation:
My maid was not around; there's a heap of dirty clothes in the laundry basket; needed to wash the clothes because soon I would run out of supply; however, the weather has been unpredictable lately. What could I do?

The Options:
1. Send it to the laundry - need to pay only 80 cents for a kg. of clothes. I could also ask them to iron the clothes (yippee!). It's a short-term measure worth considering.
2. Buy a dryer (mom's advice) - the cheapest is about Rm 1000 but it's good investment.
3. Wash the clothes as usual but hang them indoors - yes, if it rains, my clothes would not be soaked. However, the clothes would surely berbau hapak (can't find and English word for that yet).
4. Just hang the clothes outside and pray that it would not rain ...
But wait! Why take that risk? I could check the weather forecast.

The weather forecast or ramalan kajicuaca is regularly featured in the news, radio and newspaper. I remembered when I was small, the ramalan kajicuaca was at the end of the Warta Berita (RTM news laa ...). Back then, it forecasted the weather in all the states in Malaysia. Nowadays, the weather forecast tends to be global in nature.

Out of curiosity, yesterday I visited the Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia site (no longer called Jabatan Kajicuaca folks!) which offered the weather forecast. Surfers can choose to view the info in English or BM. I just chose the place from the combo box (BTW, Subang Jaya was not listed, so I guess Subang Jayans can choose between Shah Alam or PJ). Then, lo and behold (yea, yea this expression is a tad too classical for blogging! He! He!), I got a week's weather forecast. In Shah Alam yesterday, it was forecasted that there would be ribut petir in the evening.

What did I do with my clothes? Yea, I was a bit skeptical because the sun was shining brightly. So, I washed the clothes, hung them outside and went back to work.

Want to know whether the forecast was accurate? ... Ku sangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengahari ... (they didn't invent this idiom for nothing!). Yes, it rained (thunder and all) and my clothes were dripping wet! Hu! Hu! So much for taking risks ... Moral of the story: heed the weather forecast.

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Koob said...

hahaha.. mumsie memang. tak habih2 suruh aku beli dryer jugak.