Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Thing

Among my children, the daughter, Amani is the smart alec in the family. Born in the year of the rabbit (under the "earth" element), she is definitely not an "untalkative bunny" (if you watch Disney channel, then you would know what this is...). This girl is a natural, adding some punch lines along the way. Here are some examples:
Me : Would you like to be a doctor like your Pak Ngah when you grow up?
Amani : Er...I don't think so.
Me : Why? Is it because you can't stand the sight of blood?
Amani : No...
Me : Then?
Amani : If I become a doctor, when am I going to sleep?! I need my 'beauty' sleep!
Me : (Betul jugak)
Hubby : Hey, you better spend your duit belanja wisely. Money don't grow on trees, you know!
Amani : Money do grow on trees! Money is made from paper, papers are made from trees.
Money do grow on trees...
Hubby : Banyak (cakap) lah engkau...
At home.
Me : O.K. We've had our lunch. Afterwards when we go shopping don't you dare say;
"Can I have something? I'm hungry, I'm hungry". You have no reason to be hungry.
Amani : O.K.

At Subang Parade 1 hour later...
Amani : Mama, can we stop for awhile?
Me : Sure dear. Why? Tired already?
Amani : You know, all this walking makes me hungry...
Me : Nice try..!
On the phone (20 minutes after my father took the children back to Seremban)...
Me : Hello dear, I miss you lah...
Amani : What? You miss me already? Get a pet!

To my daughter Amani: Who needs a pet when I have you? Miss you darling!


anissa3105 said...

Sis, your daughter looks like u. Mine looks like her dad. Sume org ckp mcm tu. Takde pn ikut muka I yg cun ni. Hehe..

Nurul said...

I love it even though it was about me...
P.S. I want a pet!

I love you

Nurul said...

Do I really look like my mother? If I do, I didn't notice it...