Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

11 May: Mother's Day came and went. How was the day? Just like any other Saturday. Why didn't I celebrate Mother's Day? Yours truly was busy marking tonnes of test papers, hubby was sick in bed, daughter had to attend kem solat... Only the sons were alive and kicking as usual. He! He! In the evening, we went to Putrajaya... Not for sightseeing, but I needed to know how to get to PICC (to attend a function on Monday). No fancy dinner at a posh restaurant because I assumed that all the tables would be fully booked anyway. So, there we were, happily helping ourselves to nasi beriani gam, mee rebus and sirap bandung in a neighbourhood restaurant. Before calling it a day, the daughter presented a card. Not a DIY card this year ("No idealah", she said), but a card all the same. Thanks Amani (leave a message!)

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