Thursday, May 15, 2008

Teacher's Day DIY

Tonight, the kids and I had fun preparing for tomorrow's Teacher's Day. While I wrapped the "value-for-money" gifts (he! he!) that I bought for their teachers, the children were hard at work, making the cards for the occasion. This time around, mummy just stood back (err...actually I was prancing around snapping their photos...a la iklan Silky Girl tu...) and watched them do their creative stuff. The children actually worked hand-in-hand when hours earlier they were at each other's throat.

What's more amazing, they helped me clear the table after that without me having to nag them! The son diligently swept the rubbish while the daughter put everything back in the bureau (need to read up my Caplio's manual so that I can tape them in action next time...macam tak percaya pulak!) Here are the kid-art cards made by my DIY children.

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Koob said...

Wah.. Amirul did that? I thot Nurul Amani jer suka benda2 ni.