Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cove

Since we were already in the Jurrasic Coast, we decided to pay a visit to the famous Durdle Door.  However, we ended up in another World Heritage Site:  Lulworth Cove.

The country road leading to the Cove

Thatched-roof cottages, a pleasant sight

It was one of those occasions (getting more frequent now :P) where I cursed myself for not getting that god****  wide-angle lense... arghh!!!



So, as any ill-equiped photographer, I had to climb up the cliff in order to capture the cove in its entirety.  

The Cove...

 The photographer :))

 The signboard

Sekali pandang, teringat kat Lake Toba di Sumatra.  However, it's an entirely different landform; Lake Toba being a huge volcanic lake. 

The view on the other side

Stair Hole

Well, Durdle Door tah ke mana, crabbing lagi lah... hehehe... but at least I got to capture the sunset (well, almost...)

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