Friday, August 13, 2010

Tower of London

From More London, we continued walking till we reach Tower Bridge.  Our destination was Tower of London, on the north side of Tower Bridge. 

The place was already closed when we came.  So, we just lingered outside the premises.

Steep in history, tragedy and mystery, the place seemed to entice even my boys!  Definitely a must-visit, next time :)!

Anne Boleyn, one of its famous resident
From Tower of London, we walked to the nearest underground which was Tower Hill Station.  From there, we boarded the tube to Marble Arch Station.  Our quest: a supposedly halal Mc.Donald's in Oxford Street.  However, we discovered that it wasn't.  Nasib baik ada kawan kat London :).  We were told that there was a halal KFC in Goodge Street.  To get there we could take the tube (to Goodge Station) or bus (no. 7).  We opted for the latter as we would like to see the night live (and lights!) along Oxford Street. 

Happening sungguh Oxford Street di waktu malam!  A far cry from Bristol, Cheh!  It was 8.30 p.m. but the shops were still opened and bustling with shoppers.  My kind of city... heheh!  15 minutes later (due to jam, not distance), we arrived at our destination.  15 minutes after, we were joined by my friend, Lina :).

It's always nice to meet up with friends from back home when you are in a foreign country.  For Amani, she was reunited with her Aunty Lina who used to layan her and spoilt her with gifts, whenever I took her to my office (those were the days...).  For the boys, it wasn't long before they got friendly with the aunty who's "cute like a bunny" :).   Thanks for spending time with us, dear :D!  Hope it's not going to be another six years before we meet again :). 

From Goodge Street, we walked towards Warren Street Station and took the tube to Victoria.  From Victoria, we took bus no 44 back to Battersea.  End of Day 1.

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