Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dinosaurs alive at London's Natural History Museum!

Day 2 of our London trip was also our last day at the lodge.  We checked-out early but decided to leave our car at the hotel's parking.  After paying for a whole-day parking ticket (around 7 pounds), we hopped on the bus to Victoria.  From Victoria, we got on the tube to South Kensington.  After getting off, we walked a short distance before reaching our destination for the day:  London Natural History Museum.

There was a long queue at the museum's gate.  Maklumlah, FREE!  There were also other (paid) exhibitions, but maybe owing to the current economic situation, everyone seemed to be heading towards the free exhibition zones...

... and everyone made a bee-line for the
dinosaurs ...
Behold!  Everything dinosaur :)

Dinosaur skeletons ...

Dinosaur eggs ...

dinosaur head :)

Even a 'real' dinosaur! Well, almost ...:D

A must-go place for dinosaur fanatics - kids and adults alike (more grown-up gawkers, actually... :P)

We spent most of our time at the blue zone (where the dinosaurs, mammals and ocean creatures were) and managed to explore part of the green zone (only the birds).  We didn't have time to cover the red and orange zones.  Maybe next time (my London tagline, hehehe!).

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