Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weymouth 2010

Just before Ramadhan the other day, we went for a picnic.  We were supposed to go camping, but since all the camping sites were fully booked, we had to content ourselves to just go for a picnic.  Nak picnic pun kena survey tempat sesuai.  K. Za's husband had wanted to 'crab', while hubs had wanted to picnic at a site with a nice sea view.  That's how we ended up in Weymouth, which was recently ranked fourth in top 10 "emerging destinations" in the world

Situated along the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, Weymouth is a large resort town in Dorset.  It took us about 3 hours from Bristol to reach the place.  From Weymouth town centre we made our way to Nothe Park. Once there, we scanned the park for a suitable picnic spot. 

We were lucky to find a secluded spot, with ample shade and a scenic view. 

View from our picnic site

We immediately set up camp.  Sebenarnya kat park ni tak boleh camping (Kui! Kui! Kui!) but our argument was: as a precaution in case it rains.  Showers were predicted that day ... honest!

our new 6-man tent :)

Alhamdulillah, there wasn't a single raindrop.  The weather was perfect and the kids especially, had a good time.  Bersukaria sebelum puasa ... :)

Later in the afternoon, we were joined by 3 more families.  I guess everybody wanted to spend the last weekend we had before fasting, somewhere :).

Nothe Park would have made a great camp site.  Nothe Fort, the beach and the pier were just within walking distance.  Other facilities include parking space, a WOC, barbecue pits and a few food stalls.  

Squirrels roamed the area freely and 'lovebirds' unabashingly making out in the open air :)!

a bushy-tailed squirrel nibbling an acorn

Ni lovebirds sopan ... hehehe!

Flora and fauna beckoned the discerning photographer....

Verdict:  The beauty of the place is worth the trip!  (Crabbing tah ke mana ... Kui!Kui!Kui!).  Hope to visit this place again, some day! :D



Didie said...

Nice place, gambar cun!!

Koonch said...

Thanks, Koob. Bila nak dtg sini holiday??