Thursday, August 12, 2010

London Bridge and Tower Bridge

From Westminster Station, we took the tube to London Bridge Station.

"Ooh!!  Nak tengok London Bridge!", Amani cried excitedly, probably visualizing an ancient bridge from that famous nursery rhyme.
"London Bridge dah lama kena jual..."  Hubby added matter-of-factly.
"Eh, ye ke Jeej??" I said half-believingly. 
"Iye... Ada kat Arizona, U.S." he said confidently. 

The reconstructed London Bridge at Lake Havasu, Arizona, U.S.A.
Pix credit:  Aran Johnson
A google search later revealed that what he said was true, but there is still a  (new) London Bridge in London.  The one sold to an American entrepreneur was in fact, just one of the many London Bridges constructed, according to English history. 

Drawing of London Bridge from a 1682 map.  Pix from Wikipedia
Besides the nursery rhyme, London Bridge, specifically the Stone Gateway on the south, was well known for displaying severed heads of traitors "impaled on pikes, dipped in tar to preserve them against the elements"... gross!  The head of Scottish hero, William Wallace (remember Mel Gibson's sterling performance in "Braveheart"?) was the first to appear on the gate in 1305.  See if you can spot those heads from the picture above :)! 
To know more about London Bridge, go to this link ...

So, did we go to London Bridge? Nah...  We went to the other bridge:  the Tower Bridge.

From London Bridge Station, we walked down Tooley Street, through a place called 'More London' where I took the (above) pictures of Tower Bridge and these eye-catching buildings (below)...
London City Hall rupanya...

Bangunan lonjong yang nampak kat belakang tu ialah
"The Gherkin" at St Mary Axe.

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